"take your PeopleSoft impact analysis process from days to hours"

Less manpower Accurate Higher Productivity Fast Easy to Use Automated LOE Planning
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"take your PeopleSoft impact analysis process from days to hours"

iMPACTUS! pulls together all the pieces in the PeopleSoft application domain and focuses on maximizing success by reducing risk and by providing economies of scale in the development and deployment and deployment process. Features include:

  • accurately identify all changes(flat-file and database level)
  • reduce dependency on outdated documentation
  • provide results 10 times faster than traditional tools
  • reduce effort in managing your Change Management process
  • connect to multiple instances and multiple PeoppleSoft ERPs
  • provide automated Management-level reporting
  • reduce dependencies across project work-streams by being accessible by all levels of PeopleSoft users
  • Plan the Level of Effort involved by moving PeopleSoft objects in your impact analyses results to the Level of Effort estimation tree, then generate LOE reports with the click of a button to help you plan the timeline for your PeopleSoft initiatives.

Case Study: Chicago-based client initially estimated 3 days and 7 consulting resources to complete an emergency impact analysis on a change proposed during system testing. By using iMPACTUS!, the client engaged 1 resource for 4 hours to complete the analysis, realizing cost-savings of over $17,000 in consulting fees.

Consider adding iMPACTUS! to your change management process and start realizing the increased throughput, increased resource utilization, improved quality of delivery, and minimized risk on your PeopleSoft initiatives.

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